Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Planning is the Hardest Part

With less than three months left on the job, my trip planning is well underway.  Here's the itinerary so far.  What tips can you offer?  Should I be doing less?  Tell me in the comments.

Ireland: 7 days
Scotland: 5 days
England with Aimee: 8 days
Barcelona, Spain: 3 days
South of France: 2 days
Monaco: 1 day
Italy: 5 days
Switzerland: 3 days
Munich, Germany: 2 days
Prague, Czech Republic: 2 days
Austria: 3 days
Hungary, Budapest: 3 days
Stockholm, Sweden: 2 days
Baltic Cruise with the Family: 10 days
Amsterdam with Erica: 2 days
Belgium with Erica: 2 days
Paris, France with Erica: 5 days


  1. Wow! I had no idea you were planning this trip! Sounds like the journey or a lifetime! Congrats and good luck!

  2. Holy crap! So jealous. Out of curiosity...what dates will you be in Ireland and Scotland?

  3. @isuartgirl: I'll be there May 17 to 29-ish. Why... are you coming?

    (By the way, it took me a full 15 minutes of Google-stalking to figure out who you are.)

  4. Looks like it will be quite a trip Noah! I can give you tips about things to see around the Orange County Convention Center, if you need them.

  5. Touristy spots are great. Non-touristy spots can often be greater.
    If you have the time, get lost somewhere East of Hungary. It may be difficult for the non-Slavic speaker to get around, but that only adds to the fun. Visit my grandma in her village of 28 in Southwestern Poland. Buy something from a gypsy. Take a local bus in Lithuania. Go to a nightclub in Romania. It's a totally different life from Western Europe. You'll gain a fun story or two.

  6. I think I would love nothing more than to have dinner in a Polish village with Grandma Rapala. I hope she has internet access so I can liveblog it.

  7. Hey, Noah. Sounds amazing! I hope you have an incredible time. Let me know if you want any specific advice on the following cities (like places to go or restaurants) because I've been lucky to have visited them a couple times before:

    England with Aimee: Where? London?

    Barcelona, Spain: Definitely try the paella and check out the Gaudi Museum and Las Ramblas. Watch out for pickpockets.

    South of France: Where? Nice? Cannes? So awesome there.

    Monaco: The Fairmont in Monte Carlo has really nice views and there's a state beach next to it where you can sit by the water. Lots of fun concerts there in the summer too; check their calendar ahead of time.

    Italy: Where? Rome? Definitely lots to do there, and I might have some restaurants in my logs that I can look up.

    Baltic Cruise with the Family: This part is going to be awesome. Do you stop in St. Petersburg? If so, watch out for swashbuckling Russian thieves and be prepared with any visas you may need. But seriously, in/near St. Petersburg there are amazing palaces (Peterhof, Catherine's Palace) and of course the Hermitage.

    Paris, France with Erica: Oh la la. I have lots of fun ideas here, but I'm sure you do too. Enjoy every minute of it! Get some crepes at Montmartre overlooking the view from the Sacre-Coeur. Fun at night too!

  8. I suggest a day or two less in Ireland and a bit more days in Italy