Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here Nessie Nessie!

When you start looking around, it seems like Nessie just pops up everywhere.

Inverness is the capital of the Highlands, and just a few miles from the famous and beautiful Loch Ness. So with my newfound health, that's where I went.

We took a boat ride down the Caledonian Canal. Vivid colors and stunning scenery in all directions.

You may notice that our canal, the manmade part, is a few feet higher than the natural stream running out from Loch Ness. The key to unlocking the Loch is, of course, lock.

What luck! We docked at a lock!

And off we went to Loch Ness. Known worldwide for it's stunning beauty, immense length, and complete lack of monsters.

Ooh, there's one! No wait, just a bit of fever.

Our boat dropped us at Castle Urquhart, which, having been blown up by its own inhabitants in the 1600s, was defenseless against our touristic assault.

Back in town that night, a group of us from the hostel took a nice walk along the river in Inverness, ate (I am not joking) delicious thai food at a Scottish pub, and walked back for a good night's rest. Oh, and we made one quick photo stop on the way.

Location:Inverness, Scotland


  1. I spent ten days a few summers ago road tripping through Scotland with some friends I had met in New Zealand (that is probably my favorite sentence ever to say), and loved it! Except for the weather. It is so beautiful, and it's ridiculous that there is so much history they are perfectly fine blowing it up themselves.

  2. Oh I love Scotland! Any chance you're seeing the Isle of Man? That's where my great great grandfather is from :)

  3. And I will have to say, contrary to popular belief, the food in Scotland is quite good. ;)

  4. So beautiful! I'm glad you're feeling better and hope you don't get sick again. Let me know if you see the Loch Ness monster. :)

  5. Sick? I must have missed some postings. Looks beautiful ... carry on my friend! Kim