Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Island People: New York City recap

My first few travel days were spent in the island-nation of Manhattan. I learned much about the ways and customs of these islands from my indigenous hosts.

This is me participating in a ritual they call "Off-Broadway Theater." Fuerza Bruta is a show without seats or a stage, but with such things as treadmills, confetti, wacky participatory dancing, hose-wielding DJs spraying the audience, strobes, industrial fans, a theater-sized pool with a transparent bottom which lowers over the audience to inches above their heads... et cetera. (You can see the DJ behind my arm.)

New Yorkers have converted their elevated train tracks into a green space called the Highline. This pedestrian path is gorgeous, and at a brisk walk is slightly more efficient than Chicago's still-operational elevated trains.

Pictured here is The Frying Pan, a cluster of docked boats upon which New Yorkers do such things as drink Corona, buy more Corona, and presumably after enough Corona reenact scenes from Waterworld.

Luckily, this island had some familiar customs as well:

Location:Written 36006 miles in the air, 1710 miles from Ireland


  1. Noah, did you choose Michigan solely so that you could keep a big, yellowish M in your life?

  2. That's precisely the idea. Some people get homesick. I get arch-sick.