Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moher? I hardly even know her!

Galway was the perfect place to start my trip yesterday. Friendly people, a small but bustling city center, a great nightlife.

I arrived in town at 8:30 am, dropped my bags at the hostel, and treated myself to a traditional Irish breakfast. Yowsa.

Yesterday I beat back jet lag with a six mile walk to Salthill, a sleepy seaside resort neighborhood.

Along with me came hostelers Marcus and Leigh.

My evening started with a quiet pint by myself. Before the night was through, I was hopping from bar to club with an entourage of eight Americans, Australians, Germans, Canadians, and yes, one real live Irish person.

But the highlight of my day, by far, was when Marcus joined me in a photo at my favorite Galway landmark...

Location:Victoria Pl,Galway,Ireland


  1. I've always wanted a Euro Saver Meal! Welcome to Europe. -Mark

  2. Did you go to the Cliffs of Moher? Your title is such a tease :)

  3. Alright! Let the big adventure begin! I've bookmarked your blog. Looking forward to constant iPad updates.

  4. I can see your thumbs up McDonald's photos turning into the equivalent of "Where the Hell is Matt" dancing videos. .. haha Nice! ;)

  5. Was that bangers and mash for breakfast?

  6. @Bridget: Yup! Did cliffs of moher the next day. Incredible.
    @Joe: Yes, I am starting my own meme. :-)
    @lasmcd: You've written so many nice comments, but I don't know who you are!!!