Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Barcelona: the Gaudi-er the better

Barcelona was SPECTACULAR!

In two days, I walked the beaches of Barceloneta, ate a big bowl of paella in El Borne, hiked through the gardens of Montjuic, and had my mind blown by Modernista architecture. Above is the rooftop of Gaudi's La Pedrera, an apartment complex. Below, a couple photos which don't begin to do justice to the scale, complexity, and beauty of La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's church which began construction in the late 1800's and will not be done until around 2030.

I toured the Palau de Musica, walked around the old Olympic stadium, and did a cursory walk down Las Ramblas, the very epicenter of Barcelona's tourism and pickpocketing industry.

A group of us from the hostel went to see a classical guitar concert one night, and the next night went for dinner on the beach. Here's what happens when you give a bunch of Americans too much sangria:

Clearly not a very coordinated bunch. Oh, and here's that paella I was talking about.

That's Jake, who is living in Barcelona for the summer. He has an apartment like real people do. Amazing.

I am currently on a train to Montpellier, and I'm hoping to reach Nice by the end of the day. There is some question as to whether I will get there due to the uncoordinated rail system between countries... but here's hoping!

Location:Barcelona, Spain


  1. If you do get to Nice (which I fully expect), I recommend you find the one gelato place in the Old City (among the 400 gelato places), which has literally 100 flavors. I gave these ridiculous directions to Daniel & Jess last year and they were able to find it. I also recommend walking to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral if you have the time. If you are around on the days that there is a market in the Old City, that is very cool too. Hope all is well. -Eric

  2. Was that one paella or two? :-)

  3. Those are some my favorite places in all of Europe (the Sagrada Familia and Nice/Provence). Have a blast!