Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Announcement

It is finally time.

I was waiting to see if it would last before I said anything. I didn't want to announce it prematurely and then let everyone down. But it has been a month, so I may as well make it public.

I have not had a Diet Coke since I left the US.

This detox was long overdue. I was drinking Diet Coke to excess through college and since, but the ease of access at McDonald's (where it was free, on-tap, ten feet from my desk) brought it from excessive to ridiculous.

I chose this trip to try breaking the habit because I am already breaking so many others: my habit of falling asleep to DVR, of shaving regularly, of finding myself in climate controlled environments. What's one more little change amongst all the others?

Besides, there are no free refills here, and ice is apparently a commodity more precious than gold.

So instead I drink aqua frizzante (bubbly water). Constantly. I probably drink eight bottles of it a day. Sometimes I deviate and get beer or wine, but never so much as a sip of Diet Coke... or for that matter, any soda.

Mind you, I haven't sworn off caffeine entirely. I drink a cappuccino every third or fourth day, when I'm at a cafe and pretending to be European. But it was never just the caffeine to which I was addicted. It was the caffeine, and sweetener, and flavor, and thirst-quenchingness, and bubbles, and--

Sorry, had to take a swig of aqua frizzante.

I do still crave it. Mostly during salty meals or after a long hike. Eventually I will learn to drink it in moderation, but I don't trust myself to do that yet. For now, I'm staying 100% clean and healthy.

Now where is the beverage cart on this train? I need a beer.


  1. mighty impressive!
    hope it last as you head East...where Diet Cokes come in big tasty glass bottles..and sell for as low at 25 cents (with a 5 cent bottle return credit)...yummm

  2. You are a brave, brave man. Enjoying the blog immensely, by the way. Sounds like you are having a spectacular time!

  3. good work, sir. learning moderation!

  4. glad you are surviving! I think you chose a good time to break it (going from unlimited & free to paying per glass probably helps quite a bit!) Myself on the other hand, I think I've become addicted to Diet Coke, specifically McDonald's Diet Coke.

  5. Congrats! I drink aqua con gas now as a substitute and have been DC-free for almost two months now...great minds think alike!

  6. You are off your nut, hippie. I quit Diet Coke three times (3 pregnancies) and can tell you this: THAT FIRST ONE IS GOING TO BE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! The longer you put it off, the better it is going to be.

  7. Jori, you are so right, I know. I admire you for saying that despite knowing that my mom is now going to hunt you down for suggesting that I start drinking it again.