Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yes, I'm Behind on my Blogging

Yeah, okay, so I'm about two weeks behind on my blogging. For those of you who are agitating for more up-to-date blog posts, her is a summary of my yet-to-be-blogged happenings:

Budapest was awwwwesome. What Prague was supposed to be, and more.

A happy reunion with my family in Stockholm.

Boats. A boat ride, then a boat museum, then a cruise ship.

Living in luxury. Hot showers. Waiters pushing in my chair. Caviar and champagne breakfast. Drinks with the Captain.

St. Petersburg is more European than Russian. Beautiful, modern, remarkably unrepressive to the casual observer. Left me St. Petered out.

Still resisting Diet Coke.

A nice bike ride around Helsinki. A whirlwind five hours in Berlin.

Buffets FTW!!

Oh, and lots of this:

Stay tuned people...

Location:Kiel, Germany

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