Saturday, May 22, 2010

Keep your Dingle Peninsula inside the bus at all times

Killarney is a town of tourists. It's at the edge of Killarney National Park and a launching point for the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula... some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Ireland.

The Sugan Hostel was as odd as it was charming. A push of the doorbell and the frantic Polish host rushes down to the door, greets you as "my man" and brings you into the narrow corridor of a common room. Log your name in the book, then it is back outside and up the stairs to your room. No electricity after 10pm in the kitchen. No drinking on the premises. But very small, well-maintained and cute.

And great people! I met Manuela (German living in Switzerland) and Kellie (Bostonian living in Oregon) and we set out for a night of dinner and drinks. Manuela, I learned, had just finished WALKING and hitchhiking the Ring of Kerry. Ridiculous.

We listened to live music at O'Connor's and helped Kellie celebrate her birthday one day late. Then it was back to the hostel.

The next day, off to see the sights of the Dingle Peninsula. It was gorgeous scenery seen through the windows of a bus with an unhelpful guide and an elderly group. If I could do it again, I would have rented a car. But nevertheless, it was breathtaking.

We stopped for a bit in the town of Dingle, an adorable little fishing and tourism town. I grabbed a crab bisque from the open air market as it was closing.

At night, again I went out with a new group of hostel roommates. Again, I returned late and went to sleep.

This morning I needed to reestablish my independence after the confining bus tour, so I took a beautiful bike ride thru Killarney National Park. My butt is sore, but the scenery was worth it!

Now at nearly 6 pm, I am unshowered, ready to sleep, and on the train to Dublin!

Location:Killarney, Ireland


  1. Yeah, I'm loving this! That looks like my bike that was stolen last summer. Ask about the Dublin marathon and let me know that feedback. Happy travels. Kim

  2. You'll love Dublin, but Dingle was my favorite place in Ireland! Thanks for keeping us posted on your travels. Have a Guiness for me! Heather J.

  3. Believe me, Heather, I've had several for you!

  4. Hostel roommates ... Limerick ... Dingle ... this stuff is pure gold. It practically writes itself. Miss you.