Friday, May 21, 2010

There Once Was a Man from McDonald's

As I said in my last post, a funny thing happened on the way to Killarney.

I had a thirty minute stopover in Limerick on my way from Galway to Killarney. Everyone downplays Limerick as a tourist destination, but As the bus drove in, I saw a beautiful river front, a nice park, and easily a few hours worth of walking around. I checked my bag at the bus station and went exploring.

Not five minutes into my walk, I found the pedestrian mall. Right there on the street corner, a McDonald's. I went in to say hello and see if I could get a picture. And I did.

But it gets better. The person who I had asked was Dave, who is in charge of local store marketing for the four restaurants in Limerick. He offered me a tour of the restaurant, where I got to meet Ann, the incredibly sweet accountant.

It doesn't end there. Dave asked if I would like to see the OTHER McDonald's in the city. He poured me a coke, and five minutes later we were in his car taking the McD tour of Limerick!

Dave is an incredible guy. He has been in Ireland for nine years. It was his owner/operator who sponsored his visa, and who is helping him pay for continuing education now. He is outgoing, energetic, fiercely committed to his job and his people. Truly a remarkable guy.

Incidentally, I reminded him before our tour that I no longer worked for McDonald's, and that I was no one important when I did. No matter.

Here is Dave sporting the bandana worn by his crew to promote the All American Menu.

Who else but McDonald's? And where else but Ireland?

After a few fun hours, it was off to Killarney...

Location:Michael Collins Pl,Killarney,Ireland


  1. Hilarious! You are making the most of it for sure. K

  2. Hahaha, I love the McDonald's world tour component of this whole thing. Reading this is making me miss Europe so much!!!

  3. The Michigan "M" on your hat looks suspiciously like McDonald's Golden Arches. Coincidence? I think not!